Sunday, May 31, 2009

Updates and a Giveaway!

I have only done a little stitching this week. I have actually been doing some designing! I am really enjoying it but it is a lot of work! My mind does not like being very creative at times!

I have to share something really exciting to me! Jenna has stitched my design! She has stitched the 4th of July freebie that I done and it looks fabulous! I just can not believe that someone actually stitched something I designed! How awesome is that? So go visit her blog and check it out!

I have discovered this week that I truly enjoy stitching quaker designs. I do have a small one that I have completed and I enjoyed stitching every single second of it, you can see it below!! If you like quaker designs and have not heard about the awesome SAL upcoming up, then you gotta visit this blog and find out about it!! This is an amazing design that is going to be so awesome to be able to stitch for FREE, it is truly stitching a bit of history! The link will take you to the post about the SAL and then you can read the blog some and read updates on it. The first part of the design should be available Monday! And here is my small finish!I have also started stitching another piece. This is just a sneak peak as it is one of my new designs and after this peak you will have to wait until I release the design! It is not a big one, so hopefully I can get it done in the next several days.I did get some mail this week! I had won several giveaways a few weeks ago and I received one of them this week! Thanks so much to Erin for this great new chart! I also appreciate the 18 count and it will get used for sure! Thanks so very much.As I said above, I have won several giveaways lately and now it is time to return the favor!! This giveaway is going to be a bit different than most though. I would truly love to hear from every single one of you what you would like to see in my upcoming designs. I want to know what other stitcher's are looking for in designs so that I create things that others will like. My designs will not be real large pieces. I personally don't like to stitch large designs as I get board with them to easy. Since I will need to stitch my designs before offering them for sale, I will need to stitch them first which means that they will not be large. That would be horrible to design things that I would not like to stitch myself. Right?

So anyway, for everyone who leaves a comment on THIS POST and lets me know what they like to stitch and what they are looking for will be entered to win. I really want to know what other stitcher's are looking for so that I can try and design what I know people will want! So the more you wanna share with me, the better! And if you are a designer and have any tips, I would love to hear from you as well!

So do you wanna know what the prize is? It is going to be a surprise! I will tell you JUST ONE thing that will be a part of the prize . . . A brand new design that will be made with the winner in mind! Yep, I will design a piece special for the person who wins the drawing! So who knows what it might be!

I would like to ask that everyone who enters the drawing mention this giveaway on your blog and direct them to this post on my blog! I know that the more people the less of a chance you have to win so, if you direct others back to my blog you will get an extra entry!

Oh ya, and by the way I have created a blog that will be just for my designs. There are several freebies posted on there now. So GO HERE to check it out!

Well I think that is about it for now! I do want to tell you all that leave comments I am sorry for not responding back lately! I appreciate every single visitor to my blog and those who leave comments are just awesome! Thank you all so much!

Happy Stitching,
Cindy Mae


Beth said...

I love geometric designs, like quilt squares. I really enjoy stitching them. Most of the time I lean towards purple ones, but if they're not purple then I make it that way! lol

I also don't stitch large designs. I have to get my finish fix.


Pike said...

I love small halloween designs and the ones with some kind of twist, like your 4th of July "tree"!! I could change the colours, though...

Pirjo from Finland

Lisa said...

I love your 4th of July pattern - and the way Jenna finished it (I left a comment on her blog, too). Little designs are a great thing as they lend themselves for travel (in a plane or car) or time spent waiting at the doctor's office. looks like you definitely have found a niche for your smalls ("time-passers"). Anyway, it would be neat for some summer watermelons ("you are the seed in my sweet life"). Keep up the good work!
Lisa in CA

Quiltsmiles said...

Cinday Mae,
Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Lately, I've been looking for dragonfly designs that are unique, but at the same time, something I could put into a Biscornu to make for a friend. Love your cute designs and glad that they are small. It's nice to get a quick finish sometimes.

Kate said...

I love smalls. I have your Fourth of July pattern in the mix for stitching this month. I hope to get it done in time for July 4th!!!!!. I like to stitch most anything that is directed towards being and ornament for christmas. I also stitch sewing items, pinkeeps,scissor keeps, needlebooks and the like. I look forward to many more designs from you bright mind.

Terry said...

I like small designs to keep me from pulling my hair out while working on bigger designs. LOL I love how Jenna finished your 4th of July piece.

Have you ever thought about designing Awareness Ribbons etc? Cancer, Autism or anything that is near and dear to your heart?? I finished a pretty big Autism Awareness Ribbon for my son a while ago and would love something smaller that I could make several of for family and friends.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Congrats on having someone stitch your designs. It turned out wonderful. SO far I am the only one that has stitched mine... although I have sold quite a few... just never seen them finished.

Congrats on your small finish. Your current piece is pretty so far.

Congrats on the win.

For me, I like angels, religious, some floral, native american, some animal and some other cute patterns. I am mostly drawn to patterns that talk to me so I guess you would say I like all patterns really. I know that does not help you much.

Please include me in the drawing. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and possibly win. I will mention it in my blog as well.

I am off to look at your freebie site. I am really dying to stitch but I need to go look for another job.

unrulyangel said...

I love stitching a variety of things. I always have 1-2 big projects in the rotation, but I also stitch lots of little things. I like designs with lots of color and I'm not afraid of blended needle stitching.

Now, I'm heading over to your freebie blog to look at your designs.


Ann said...

I love smalls. I do mostly blackwork, but also cross-stitch. I like Native American and Southwest, and I really like your Red Barn pattern. I have downloaded it - if I get to stitch it I will try to remember to send you a picture!

Dottie said...

I Love To Stitch Anything Native American, Wolves Expecially But Also Eagles Southwest Styles,Basically All Of The Above.
Dottie In Va

Ranae said...

Jenna did a fab job with your design.
How about Halloween,a quaker pumpkin, bat or witches hat, would be neat, but that's my opinion,lol
As much as I would love to enter your draw.I don't need to be I always seem to be in a hurry to post and always forget stuff.
Take care

nutmegg said...

Cindy, I also love Native America especially the Native Indians and of course the Wolves, I'm also into Birds and Butterflies, thank you for the chance of entering your give-away

PaulineD said...

Hi Cindy Mae, I usually stitch lots of gifts for my stitching friends, so I like small designs (going through a Quaker-phase at the moment) that can be made into floss tags, pincushions etc. I also like stitchy sayings, like the joy stitching gives.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you like how the 4th of July turned out! Thanks to all of you who left such wonderful comments. I would love to see anything that has a rooster in it.

tkdquintmom said...

Halloween Halloween Halloween!!! Witches and black cats! lol....did I get your attention?

Janet C said...

I prefer to stitch small designs that can be quickly finished and Quakers is one of my faves too.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I love complex, big, fantasy designs!

Ele said...

Hello Cindy Mae,

your blog is lovely and your embroideries so beautiful

greetings from Germany

Chrizette said...

I am new at cross stitching but I find that I look at all the designs with the 1800's grand ladies with their big dresses. I think I will love those kind of designs. :)

Hazel said...

I love littel butterflies and hummingbirds and nature designs that can be made into pinkeeps and scissor holders. x

Patti said...

What I would really love is a needlebook with really great finishing instructions. The design I would like the best is probably hearts or a quaker design (I know they have been done to death but I still love them) or something really original on the front of it. You could design a halloween needlebook that is different. I, personally, would love that to pieces. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Virpi said...

I like to stitch wolves but I also like landscapes and seascapes.