Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Counted Wishes, Finishes and Teases!

Hello all my dear stitching and crafting friends!  I hope that this blog update finds you doing just awesome!  I have a stitching finishing, 3 knitting finishes and a couple new pattern teases to show off today!
First of all, this Easter Egg Cross is just simply gorgeous.  I love the way it turned out but I am not sure how I am going to finish it off yet!  This picture does not do it justice but I just could not get it to turn out as well as it should.
Next  for my looming knitting finishes.  I finisehd the scarf that I showed you last time but my mother has decided that she really likes it and when I showed it to her, she simply said . . . "OOOOOooooo, thank you!"  So, guess what happened to it . . .yep, my mother go it!  LOL  So here is a pic of her goofing off and not being impressed that I am taking a picture of her with it!  
I have also finished to little hats.  The one with pink is for an infant and the other for a toddler.  I just love making these little hats.  They are so cute and easy.  I will be donating them but not sure where to just yet.  I am still looking into and praying about that!
DO NOT FORGET TO visit the Counted Wishes Festival this weekend!  It starts on  the 15th!  I will be releasing 2 new patterns on the day it starts as well.  So I decided to tease you a bit and give you a couple little teaser pics of the 2 new releases along with the 4 I released the other day!  So stop by and visit Cindy Mae Designs!

Hope you are having an amazing week!!

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