Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can Not Show You Everything . . .

I have a couple finishes but I can not show you them yet!  Sorry!  Actually they are new designs for Cindy Mae Designs and I will be releasing them in time for The Counted Wishes Festival coming up March 15-21st!

I can show you the first birthday card that I have stitched for the Facebook stitched birthday card and thread exchange that I am a part of.

I can also show you the item I stitched for Karen for the Lizzie Kate exchange.  I was really on the ball getting this one done and in the mail because I knew that I had my new designs to focus on so I make sure they are all done in time for the festival.
I stole the pictures that both these ladies took because I was in such a rush to get them out that I did not take pics!  So thank you ladies!

We had my husband at the doctor this week.  It has been a long time since he has had a good full check up with blood work and all.  His blood sugar has been acting up pretty bad so we knew it was time to get him in!  We will go back in a few weeks to see how things with all the blood work are and go from there.  Not having insurance makes it really hard to keep up like we should with his health and since he has high blood pressure and previous heart attack it is that much more important.  But we have it worked out now so that we can start getting him the care he needs!!!

Here are a couple pics of my son at our Homeschool Co-Op making homemade noodles.  He had a great time and done awesome too!

I will leave you with that for now.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week full of many many blessings!!!
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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Few Finishes!!

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing just awesome and that so far 2012 is a great year!  I am working on getting things together for the upcoming Spring 2012 Counted Wishes Festival!  It will  be held from March 15-21st!  So don't miss out!  There will be lots of great designers with some awesome new designs for you to drool over!  LOL

I am currently working on stitching a birth sampler that I have designed for my daughters friend who is having a baby in a few weeks.  I also finally got "Stealing Oats" by Brittercup designs.  I have it all kitted up and ready to go but now with the upcoming festival, it may have to be put on a hole a bit longer.

I would like to encourage any of you who are Facebook people to join my page for Cindy Mae Designs and would also love to have you as a friend on my personal page as well!!!  

Also, would like to invite you all to visit my husband's new site.  He has started a paracord survival gear website and makes very good quality stuff, so go check out Piranha Paracord  Gear!  

So without further ado . . here is my finishes for the year thus far.  

Lizzie Kate's Faith from the Faith Cheer Double Flip chart.  I love this little designs! 
Then these two cuties, I just love them both.  They are "Cool Cats" and you can find them free right HERE!

Ok, think that is about it for this time around!  Hope you all have a wonderful and Blessed week!!!!

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