Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day and More!

First of all I want to wish all you moms out there a wonderful and Blessed Mother's day!! My son brought home the Mother's day gift that they made at school and just could not wait to give it to me! LOL The pic is below, too cute! The green with white and orange flower is actually a CD cover that they decorated. There is also a CD inside with about 4 songs on it. Two of the songs are by Alvin and the Chipmunks and the other two I am not sure about. Must be music his teacher likes! The other one you should be able to read if you click and make it bigger. You can see that it has a tea bag in it. Well . . . had a tea bag in it. John thought that he needed to drink that! LOL Kids are so cute!!
Stitching this week has been a little slow. I did complete the stitching for an ornament for "Stitching for a Cure". I have not finish finished it yet though. The pic is not that good and does not do the colors justice! I am also about half done with the next one. It is just like this one but a little different colors and I am stitching it on perforated paper. It is the first thing that I have ever stitching on the paper and am really liking it. I made to little progress on WW to show this week but maybe next week will hold an update with it.

I joined the new Lizzie Kate exchange and I am so excited about it! So I went through all my Lizzie patterns and decided that I did not have enough! LOL I went searching and have ended up adding to my wish list! I just love her designs!

I have received all but one ATC from the exchange that I joined on the WOCS message boards. Not sure I will be receiving that last one, but oh well. I love the ones that I did receive!! Anyway, I wanted to find a way to display them all and since I just loved the way The Collector
piece came out in the front of my stitching notebook, I decided to do the same with these! I had a smaller notebook that has a ton of smalls and freebies in it so I thought the small ATC's would be a great way to decorate it. This is the front:
This is the back: Now this that is on the back is from one person, Paulie. She stitched the card and birthday ATC and her granddaughter stitched the fairy! Isn't that just the coolest!

And here is our newest mommy in the family. This is Jazmyn! This is my precious baby! Unfortunately that is just what she is. She is only about 8 months old and just had a litter. We did not even know that she was ever in heat! I was so worried about her during this pregnancy. She is so small and young and I was afraid she would have some issues. She only had 3 and one did not make it. The one that did not make it was very large compared to these two that did make it. She did not even know what to do at first, but with my guidance she has become an excellent mommy. The bad news is that it is going to be very hard to get rid of them. With only two and the way that she loves them . . . I donno, we will see what happens!

Lastly, I would like to ask you all to please keep my mom and dad in your thoughts and prayers. Mom and Dad are divorced and are both remarried but they are both having some health issues right now. Both of them are having issues that could end up being serious, so please pray for them.

Well that is about it for this time!!! As always, thank you so much for all the wonderful comments that you leave. I don't seem to have the time to respond to each one, but please know that I read each and every single one and I love getting them!!!

Happy stitching,
Cindy Mae


Dawn B. said...

I hope you and the new mommy have a great Mother's Day. I love all the ATC cards and the way your displaying them.

Karen said...

Love your ATC collection...great way to display them. And the kitties are so cute!!!
Will keep your family in my prayers and hope all turns out well.

tkdquintmom said...

What a great way to display! Cool! I love the flamingo. Awwww.....lookie at the furbaby! I just love that picture!

Cindy F. said...

Oh I love the gift from your son! He did a beautiful job on making it:) I really miss those days and those gifts:)
Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Cute stitches too!

Siobhan said...

Very cute gift from your son! Lots of prayers going out to your parents. I love the pic of your kitten and her kittens!

Carolyn NC said...

Sweet little pic of your new little babies - perfect for Mother's Day! Love the gifts from your DS - handmade are the best! ATC cards look great!

Anita said...

Happy Mother's day to you as well. The ATC cards are so cute and your son is very creative with his gifts as well.

Ranae said...

I so miss the school gifts, they are the best.
Your pink rbbon is looking fabulous.
My prayers and thoughts are with your family.
Awwww! the kitty pic is just too cute.
Take care

Julie said...

Hope all turns out well for your parents.
Your kitty is adorable.
Beautiful and special gifts you had, its such a special thing to receive a handmade pressie.

Wendy said...

The gift of your son looks really great! He did a wonderful job on making it. It is so wonderful to receive some gifts from your kids on Mother's Day.

Love the picture of your cat. Hope she is doing fine.

I will keep your mom and dad in my thoughts.

valerie said...

Oh, I hope your mom and dad's health problems get better! Cute gifties from DS and the picture of your kitty is just precious!

Margie said...

Cindy Mae ~

I am sorry to hear about the health issues that your parents are having and will most certainly keep them in my thoughts.

Your gifts from your kids are so adorable! My daughter also made something at school for Mother's Day, but then apparently gave it to one of her classmates who convinced her that he should have it. LOL the crazy things that kids do.

Your stitching looks absolutely lovely! And I love what you did with the binder! It looks adorable & what a creative idea!

BTW ... I have left a surprise for you on my blog!


Lili said...

I think parting from the babies will be heartbreaking indeed... Yet, animals forget very fast so with your love and care, your cute Jazmyn will do it fast...
I'm sorry that your parents are having health issue and I hope they will be benine.
Your son's gift is too cute! In France, mother's day will only be 7th June. It's always long after other countries so I tend to forget to wish it. So... belated happy mother's day, Cindy Mae!
I'm always very happy to read your comments on my blog, thank you so much...
Enjoy your weekend!

Rachel S said...

I love that gift. So cute! And the pic of Jasmyn. What a beautiful girl. Is she Siamese? My grandmother raised them, but my parents and I have only ever had cat-cats! Congrats on the babies.

Keeping your family in my prayers.

mainely stitching said...

I'll keep your parents in my thoughts - it is SO difficult, having a parent go through health issues. Having two go through it ... well, take care and know that positive thoughts are coming your way.

Those kittens and their baby-mama are utterly adorable. Normally I'm more of a cat person than a kitten person, but they are so cute that it's a good thing I don't live nearby or I'd be on your doorstep saying, "Please, may I??" LOL!

Adorable Mother's Day gifts. I just so love the homemade goodies. I hope the kids never outgrow it!