Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Dance & Last Chance

Today is May 1st and it is the last day to sign up for the year long ATC birthday exchange for stitching bloggers! ATC's are lots of fun and very quick to make. So GO HERE and check it out and sign up today!!!

Now on to the happy dancing!!! I finished Wedding Spot for my brother and new wife. I am thrilled with the way it turned out! I found the perfect frame for it as well!! The pictures just don't do this piece justice. Of course, the lighting in my house and cheep camera don't help! LOL I can not wait to get it shipped off to them. Hopefully this next week it will be leaving Texas and headed to Alaska!

I don't really have a lot of stitching pieces that have been made for myself. And as most of you know a couple weeks ago I posted about wanting a wall covered with stitching, mine as well as others work. Well I have went ahead and started that wall. I love it so far! Everything is small pieces but hey, its still a start! The owl is actually my MIL's and she said that she would love for it to hang with the rest of my stitching so more people could see it. The rose and the welcome are actually my grandmother's but since she has moved into the nursing home, they have been returned to me.

Here is another wall in my living room. I call this my Faith wall. It is growing slowly but I still love it as well! The only thing that I don't like about either wall is the paneling! I am so sick of that paneling but we just don't have the funds to change it right now.

Well guess that is about it for now! I pray that everyone stays healthy through all this flu scare stuff!!!

Happy Stitching,
Cindy Mae

PS: Don't forget to sign up for the ATC birthday exchange today, last chance!!!!!


Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish! Woohoo! Your brother will love it. I like your walls, too. We had paneling in our house in the US & painted it an off white. It made a big difference in how much light we had in the room.

Have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

whoohoo Cindy
It looks awesome. Well done matey

Lana said...

I love the finish! and seeing all your projects on your "faith wall" =) Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Love the wedding sampler and the frame is very nice. I know they are going to love it. better get busy so you can fill up that wall! Nice job with what you have already and what a nice idea to include stitching from your MIL. We had paneling in our old house ( a different color in every room...who knew it came in so many colors!!). Anyway...we painted it all and it didn't look too bad! Was a lot cheaper than replacing.

keep on stitching...

Maureen said...

Wow - the wedding sampler has come out lovely - the frame really compliments it, i am sure your brother will be delighted with it.

I'm with the others on the painting of the panelling, my sister did it with hers and it came up a treat - a much cheaper option than replacing it..

Ranae said...

What a gorgeous piece and all framed up,They will love it.
We had paneling on the old house in every room, we just wallpapered the kitchen right over and painted the living room and boy! what a difference.
have a great weekend!

Kim said...

You have done a fantastic job on all of them! I love the way that you framed the wedding sampler for them. LOVELY!

Julie said...

A lovely gift for your brother, you wall will fill up in no time!

Lisa said...

The wedding piece for your brother is beautiful and I love the framing job - full-fills the "something blue" :)
What fun it would be to have a "stitching showcase" wall! You have a good start and I am sure that you will find projects to do and complete to proudly hang!
Take care and have a good week!~
Lisa in CA

Dani - tkdchick said...

The wedding piece turned out beauifully!

Rachel S said...

Love that finish! Very pretty.

Sharon said...

Fabulous finish and framing Cindy!