Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Don't Look To Good!

Well my Saturday started off as a really nice day. It was nice and cool out and raining and we need rain so badly and I just love those rainy days. I had to work until noon but did not mind as the bosses were out of town! LOL I took my stitching with me and was prepared to enjoy a nice and slow Saturday morning at work stitching and watching HULU. All was going well until I remembered that the window were not all the way up on the car and the rain was getting heavy. So I took off outside and on my way back in my feet went right out from under me and I hit the floor! HARD!! My entire left side is sore and bruised up. I hit the left side of my face on the concrete and my head bounced . . . I think! I thought that it broke my glasses but luckily I was able to bend them back without breaking them. So anyway, I am not looking to good right now but it could look a lot worse. So I was not able to finish the movie I was watching and stitching just did not go well after that. But I am good now, a bit sore but nothing I can not deal with.

I want to thank all of my dear friends here who sent well wishes and prayers for my mom and my dad. My mom is doing well now and thank God, everything is back on track with her heart. My dad is still awaiting some test results, so please continue to pray for him.

I did get a bit of stitching done this week! A very dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday Thursday so of course I stitched her a little something. Here it is stitched and then framed.

Here is my progress on WestWinds. I would have gotten even more done on this if I would not have taken that fall Saturday morning! But oh well!I want to say a special thank you to Marige! She has given me an award and this is actually the second time that it has been awarded to me. So, Margie since I have already received it once I will not pass it on this time but want you to know how much it means to me that you thought of me for this very special award.

Well, I think that is about all for me at this time. I hope that you all are having a wonderful weekend and that you have a fantastic week as well!!

Happy Stitching,
Cindy Mae


tkdquintmom said...

omg thank goodness you're ok! Wow what a fall! You had to have hit hard to break your glasses, I'm so sorry! I have to tell you I do love how you framed your L*K for your friend. How cool is that?

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the fall...hope that you are feeling better. Glad to hear that your mother is doing well and will continue to send good thoughts your way for all! Very nice finish to the L*K, I love the way you "shadowed" the stitched piece with the lime green & poka-dots pieces (was the fabric or paper behind there?). Take care!

Cindy F. said...

OUCH!! Good grief! I know that hurt and I hope you're ok.
What an awesome gift you made for your friend!
Keeping your parents in my prayers:)

Sandy said...

Well goodness. I hope you feel better soon. Love the gift you made for your friend and your WIP. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better and I'll say prayers for your Dad. Take care of yourself.

Mylene said...

I am so sorry to hear of the fall, hope you feel better soon and the bruises heals quickly.

That's lovely gift you made for your friend.
Thanks so much for following and stopping by at my blog.

Maureen said...

Oh i hope you are feeling better now - loving the frame for your friends gift - i am sure she will be delighted with it..

Lee said...

Ouch! That sounds like something I would do....I hope you're all healed up by now.

That's a very cool and original way to frame your stitching. What a great gift!

Julie said...

Lovely finish for your friend

I hope your bruises heal fast and you are soon back to normal.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ouch! What a fall! I hope your bruises disappear quickly!

You made a gorgeous gift for your friend! Lovely progress on your WIP

Angela P said...

That fall just sounded painful! I hope you feel better soon :) Love the gift you made your friend!

Janet C said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Do be careful especially on rainy days. Hope you have recovered completely and all is well with your mom and dad. God bless.

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about your fall Cindy! I am glad it wasn't too serious-but ouch! Love this finish! Looks wonderful.

Michelle said...

Glad you're ok after your fall, even though you're a bit bruised. Love the finish!!!

Ranae said...

Ouch! I hope you are doing better now.
That sure is a super nice gift for your friend. She is so lucky to have you.
The tree looks interesting
Take care!!