Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a Busy Week!

I am trying to make up for lost time I guess!  lol  I have another finish and more progress on my design.  This week has been a bit busy.  Still trying to learn to shuffle my job and schooling and then of course the rest of life!  I love my job and thank God for it.  I can work my hours anytime between midnight to midnight each day so that makes for a wonderful flexible schedule.

Oh and I have been asked to apply for a higher position with in the company. If I get the position it will mean a promotion, more hours and a raise!  Of course that does mean more responsibility as well and that is just fine with me.  Please pray with me that it is God's will and that I get this position.  It would really be a blessing to my family and would help us get out of this house and town which is something that we really want and need to do!!!

Ok, so without further ado . . .here is my updates for stitching.  I finished up this Britty Kitty, "Basking in the Sun".  I actually had this one started but only about a 1/4 of the way.  I love Brittercup designs.  They are so cute.  They have 2 horse designs that I really want to get one day.
I have one more section done on my design that still has no name!  Started on the last section of it this evening.  I am pleased with the way it is looking.  I have made a couple changes to it since I started stitching it.  Anyone have any ideas for a name for this one????

Well that will do it for this time around!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!!
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Lisa said...

My brainstorming list:
1. Seasonal Splendor
2. Seasons of Splendor
3. Seasonal Dressing
4. Reasons for Seasons
5. Leaf through the Seasons
6. Transformations
7. Renovations of Nature
8. Quadriseason (quad=four)

My thoughts and prayers are with you as opportunities come your way and decisions are made.

Take care!

Carolyn NC said...

Good luck with the job! and I love the BK and stitching!