Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally, Pic's of Stitching!

I want to thank you all so much for your kind words and words of encouragement about the decision to home school our daughter. Let me tell you, the first week went awesome! We learned a few things and have made a few changes, but it is going well! My daughter has had a great attitude improvement as the stress of everything has been put to rest and she has not been sick!!! So, so far, I am thinking even more so than before that this is absolutely the right choice for our family.

Now I want to truly apologize to you all about my blogging habits here lately!! I am not going to lie, I have not even had a chance to drop by and visit you all, let alone leave any comments. But I have just cleared my list and hope that I am able to stay caught up, at least mostly!! LOL Hopefully, I will be able "get caught" with you all through your next several post!

I received a great package in the mail today from Ellen for the Valentine Holiday Exchange. I just simply love the Biscornu that she stitched. It is simply gorgeous and she does just wonderful work. She included some awesome extra's as well. Thank you so much Ellen, I love it all!!

I heard from Becky K that she received my Holiday Exchange package today! This what I sent her. By the way, Becky, I am using your pic because it looks better than mine! LOL

I would also love to invite you to visit my husband's new blog. He just got a new camera and he just LOVES it and has started a photo blog. You can GO HERE to visit him. There is only a couple pics at this time, but he will be adding more all the time!!

Well better go for now. I promise I will do my best to do better with my blogging and visiting you all!! You all rock and mean so much to me!

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Jules said...

Thanks for the link to your hubby's wonderful photos! I became a follower too as I am an avid photographer. I have a link to my photo blog on my CS blog.

Karan said...

Lovely exchange pieces sent & receieved. Your DH's pics are fab - love the one of the moon. Glad your DD is doing better now you're homeschooling her. :0)

Meari said...

Nice exchanges. Glad to hear homeschooling is working out for you.

Rachel S said...


Mylene said...

Those are lovely exchanges both sent and received.