Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Teasers and My First Fob!!

Hello my stitching friends!!! I do hope that this week has been going well for you all!! So far so good here! So who all visited the NeedleShow? I had a "booth" and it went pretty well. But I had a wonderful time looking through all of those other "booths". I went through a couple times drooling over several items!!

Christmas Quaker Ornament Set should be up for sale very soon!!!! Lisa is in the process of getting them finished up now! The set will include 5 Christmas Quaker Ornaments. So, just to give you a tease. Here is a tiny peak at 2 of them!!
Speaking of Lisa. I was a bit upset with myself last week because I had a surprise birthday package for her but did not get it mailed in time for her to get it for her birthday. I had it ready for about a week and still sent it late. BUT she did get it and said she loved it. I sent her several patterns, which you can see on her blog. I also stitched her a Biscornu Scissor Fob. This was my very first Scissor Fob! I know, can you believe that!!! I have just recently gotten into wanting a collection of scissor and fobs for them all! I only have three pair of scissors and one is so dull that I don't use them and one of those is surgical scissors . . . Hey, they are sharp and cheap and I can buy them here! LOL Anyway, back to the Scissor Fob, here is a pic!I actually went back after this picture and put some cording on for the hanger part but forgot to take another pic! You can see it on Lisa's blog though!! I was over all happy with the final product!

I am a bit behind on my blog reading . . . I am so sorry!!! I will try and caught up soon though! My daughter and I have had to share the internet though. Remember our new puppy, Noah. Well like all puppies do, he likes to chew! Yep, you guessed it . . . he chewed right through the either net cable to my computer!! My daughter has a USB network card on her computer so when she is not on the computer (basically when she is at school or asleep) I take it and run with it! LOL

Well, I feel like I am forgetting something . . . . but I have no idea what! So, I will close for now!

Have a wonderful and Blessed rest of your week!!

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Siobhan said...

Great job on the scissor fob--and nice sneak peeks, too! :)

Lisa said...

I am so glad that you posted a photo of the fob, my camera doesn't do a good job with close ups (or maybe it is the error of the operator, LOL). I love my first fob!
Ornaments are coming a long. 3 have been finished as ornaments...2 to go. Keep your fingers crossed, as one of the finishes didn't work out so I have a little visit of the frog this afternoon.

Kathy said...

Your fob is adorable. Love the cupcake pattern. :) I love doing fobs.

Laural said...

Adorable fob!! I can't wait to see the new patterns too.

Natasha said...

You are a tease. Cant wait to see what they look like.

You did a good job on your first fob girl!! Very cute. At least you remembered to add a hanger, unlike me who sewed it on the inside. Dose not do a fob any good LOL

Take Care :)

Ranae said...

Ah! The cupcake FOB is adorable.
I am really looking forward to those Christmas Quakers

Carolyn NC said...

Very cute fob and teasers!

Angela P said...

The scissor fob is too cute and I love the sneak peek of your Quaker Xmas ornies :)

Micki said...

Your scissor fob is just so pretty! What a wonderful job!

Karan said...

A lovely scissor fob - lucky Lisa. :0)

Meari said...

Congrats on your fob. Those little cupcakes are cute.