Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to . . . . . . .

Please make sure and stop by and tell my dear friend Lisa a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Lisa is such an amazing friend to me. Ever since I asked her if she would model stitch a piece for me, she has been by my side and helps me with my designing in so many ways. She has became a very dear and special friend to me in a very short time, and I am thankful for that!

Happy Birthday Lisa, I pray that you have a wonderful and Blessed birthday with many many more to come!!!

Oh and today is also her dads birthday . . . So a HUGE HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lisa's dad!!!!


Michelle said...

Many happy returns of the day to both - hope they have a lvoely day. A special friend is a treasure. Love Michelle x

Shari said...

how cool! My son shares his birthday with my mom, so we know how that family birthday thing goes!

Lisa said...

My dear Cindy,
You are so sweet. I feel very blessed that our paths have crossed, allowing a friendship to develop. I enjoy so much assisting you on your stitching endeavor as well as being here to support you in all aspects. You have added so much to my life already in the short amount of time that we have known each other. The blogging community has been an amazing avenue to so many wonderful friendship and support groups - I am honored!
Thank you so much for your bday greetings and God Bless you and your family!
Lisa in CA