Friday, October 9, 2009

What do you think?

First things first . . . I want to take a minute to thank each and everyone of you who visit my blog. I really appreciate those who always take the time to visit me and especially leave comments. Those comments are just wonderful to receive. It is like receiving a gift from a friend every time I get a comment!! I love it. I also love to see the number of followers growing. Not sure about you, but knowing that someone wants to visit my blog every time that I update makes me feel really good even those who don't leave comments!!! So anyway, thanks to everyone who reads this and reads my blog on a regular basis, you mean a lot to me!!

I got a great piece of mail this week. I received a package from Lisa, my model stitcher but most of all my very dear friend, but had no idea what it was. I was not expecting any model stitched pieces from her or anything and just could not figure out what it was. So, of course with anticipation I tore the package open like a little kid opening a surprise present. The excitedness that I felt was well deserved. She sent my the Christmas ornament issue of JCS!!! I do not subscribe due to financial reasons and have no where near me to purchase it. I have been drooling over everyones posts about receiving theirs though! Next year I hope to have one of my designs in that issue but just did not get anything done in time for this year to even try for it. Anyway, Lisa . . . You rock and I thank you so much for your friendship and all you do for me and of course my magazine!!!

In other stitchy news I have a progress pic to show. I usually do not show progress pics of my designs but I am this one. I love the colors but since I photoed it, I am not sure if it is going to take a good photo when finished for selling it. Don't really want to start over though, so I would like to know what you think. Do you think the colors are ok? Do you think that once it is finished it will look ok photographed? It will be framed once it is finished and I take a photo of it. I need some opinions here, so please let me know what you think. PLEASE be honest!!!I would like to invite you to join a new group!!! Deborah has created a group just for PIF's! You can go HERE to check it out and see if you would like to join! I think that it will be a lot of fun and of course it is always nice to send and receive gifts!!!

Oh and in sad news, the House Gecko that was found last week is no longer with us. I am not sure what happened but we don't think that he was very healthy to begin with. At least we did not have much time to get attached to him though! There were a couple people who mentioned my design "Welcome to our Zoo" being perfect for our home . . . Well why do you think I created it!?? LOL After Lisa stitched that set, she sent them to me and believe me, that one was the first of them to get hung on the wall!!

Well that is it for now and I am sure that was enough. So, if you are still reading this I hope that you have a wonderful and Blessed weekend!!!

I will leave you with a photo of 3 of our fur babies napping on the bed!!! They are so cute!!

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Robin said...

I like both colors but I am not sure if I like them together. It could be the photo/computer and the in person look my be different. There is enough contract between the two colors for my taste. Stitching itself is beautiful!

Shari said...

like Robin said, it is so hard to tell by a computer picture. I think a real life picture might be so different. I know I have taken a picture of something with 2 different cameras & it looks so different on the monitor.
Other than that, I think the colors & design are great!

Bonnie said...

First off, I love the pic of the fur babies. I always like to see how well these siblings get along. It is amazing. Congrats on receiving your JSC Ornament Issue. What a wonderful gift.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Buffy seems to be not scratching so much this morning.

Wendy said...

It is indeed hard to tell by the picture. I know the colors doesn't always look good on the computer!!

Love the pictures of those gorgeous animals :) That is so cute!

mainely stitching said...

What a nice surprise to receive from your friend/model stitcher! :D

Natasha said...

I can not really tell form the computer, from here they seem to blend into each other. But from what I can see I like it :)

Poor little gecko..I had a lizard in my house about 5 years ago and couldnt catch it so I began screaming inorder to wrangle it up, dont try it, it dosent work.

Lisa is a so nice, I got to meet her in person at a stitching group awhile back :)

Well Cindy take care and enjoy your weekend and thank you for always stopping by my place to leave acomment :) I appreciate it as well.

Bev said...

ok my honest opinion is that the stitching does not stand out, and it just fades into the fabric, i do like the design though you just need to choose a stronger colour for the design or fabric, hope this helps

Julie said...

Hard core honesty: I LOVE THE FUR BABIES!!!

OK, now that I have said that! The pattern in progress looks nice. I wonder if you plan to do any outlining/backstitching? If not, the colors may pop better if you used a snow white or a real bright white to outline a little.

Sorry about the gecko. He probably found a new home in one of the fur babies' bellies. :(

Mylene said...

Great picture of the fur babies.