Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next Project, Award & Answer's!

First of all I have got to tell you about my next cross stitch project!!!  I am so excited!!!  I am not going to show you this design though, you will have to watch it grow and come to life with me as this will be the first time it has ever been stitched.  My daughter is 13 years old and just loves Anime (not the dirty kind) and she loves to draw it as well.  She is getting really good at drawing it.  She does it free hand on the computer using a electronic tablet.  Anyway, she was working on a drawing a while back and I told her that I would love to cross stitch one of her drawings.  She thought that would be most awesome!  So I showed her how to use the pattern maker that I have and never use LOL and she has taken her drawing and created me a pattern to stitch for her.  Her birthday is next month and she said that me stitching one of her drawing for her birthday would be the bestest birthday gift ever!  So anyway, I plan to start on it in the next day or two.  I have to get a couple of different colors of floss for the skin colors and then I will be set!  So, hopefully my next update will show some progress on this piece!!!

I have been given another award and I am just thrilled!  Lynda has given me the friends award!! The description for this award reads "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind of writers. When you pass this award along please include these guidelines" 

Now, I have a really hard time passing these on because I just love everyone whose blog that I visit.  I have decided that I am going to pass this award on though.  I just don't want anyone to feel left out!!!  So, I am passing this on to:
Please, if you leave comments on my blog and I visit yours I am passing this on to you!  If you take the time to visit me and leave comments and then I visit you and leave comments, I consider you a friend and this award applies to you!!!!  So, please do not hesitate to accept this award!!

Also, there were a lot of questions about what an ATC is in my last post.  So, I am going to answer that now.  Part of what I am answering is taken from other sites, just to let you know. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. As their name indicates, ATC are collectables, a brilliant idea born of the older sports-themed trading cards. The one rule that makes an ATC derives from their origins: the dimensions of the ATC must be 2.5"x3.5", or 64x89mm.  An ATC mustn't be sold, only exchanged, as the whole essence of these tiny works of art is about artists meeting (by correspondence or online if need be) and exchanging their works, thus meeting many artists and getting exposed to many personal styles. the back of each ATC the artist writes part or all of the following information: name, contact information, title of the ATC and number (1/8, 2/8...) if it's part of an exchange.  You can go here to see even more about ATC's!!!  

I also had someone ask what WOCS is.  WOCS is a message board that I visit!  I love it there, although I have not been visiting the boards as much as I use to.  I still love it there and I love all the people there too, of course not as much as my blogging/stitching buddies though!!

Anyway, make sure and check out my last post and sign up for the drawing!!! 

Happy Stitching,
Cindy Mae


Patti said...

Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for explain what those two acronyms stood for. Love Patti xxx

Ranae said...

The new project sounds like a fab one, and so special as well, Can't wait to see it.
Congrats! on the award

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like an awesome project - looking forward to seeing it stitched. Congrats on the award!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your new piece. Your ATCs are great!!

Alberta said...

CindyMae, can you stand yet another award? lol It's the Kreativ Blogger Award...well deserved!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Cindy I can't wait to see your daughter's creation come to life! She'll have a one of a kind piece of art!

Sandy said...

How awesome for you to be able to stitch one of your daughters drawings. I think that's great that she designed one.

I think it's sweet that your friend awarded you the award. So nice.

And I love your recent finish and your ATC's they look great.

Kim said...

Your daughter is just going to be so thrilled with how her drawing is turned into a stitched piece. What a great way to support her. :)

Congrats on the award too! I will accept it and post it soon on my blog. :