Saturday, November 5, 2011

Thank You and Christmas Stitching

First thing that I have to say is thank you so much to all of you for your out poring of love and support in the death of my brother.  I still have a hard time realizing that he is gone but I know that we will meet again one day! Your condolences, support, prayers and thoughts have been so much appreciated and special to me.  You just really have no idea how much it means to me!

So now on to stitching!  I have gotten some stitching done in the last couple weeks.  I have one finish of a Lizzie Kate piece but it is for an exchange so I can not show it off yet.  Here is my current WIP which is out of last years JCS Christmas Ornament issue.   I just love them Brittercup designs!!
I just finished this one that is also out of last years JCS Ornament Issue tonight.  Love this design and if you know it then you know it has a border BUT if you know me, you know that I hate stitching borders . . . so it is finished ... at least for me!  LOL
Then this one I actually finished right before my brother got sick but just have not had time or felt like posting it.  This is a freebie from The Sampler Girl and I just LOVE this cute little design.  
Now the one on the left was actually my second attempt at stitching it.  The one on the right was my first. . . ya . . .I kind of screwed up on my counting and the little blue birdie looks like it has landed in the tree.  So, I decided that I would stitch it again, the correct way and then make it into a scissor fob with a front and back.  One side it will look like the little birdie is flying to the tree and the back it will look like he has landed . . . I guess!  LOL  Either way its an adorable freebie that The Sampler Girl offers and I just love it!

Well that is about it for this time around.  Hope you all are having an amazing weekend and have a wonderful Blessed week!!!!

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Joysze said...

Love the Brittercup cat. He's adorable. :D

The alphabet looks great and what a great idea for the scissor fob!! Hehehe. I love it!