Friday, January 8, 2010

Catching Up!

I am really sorry that I have not blogged much lately, including commenting. I have been a bit busy. Some of my creative juices have been flowing a little and I have been working on a couple designs. I have also taken the Stitching Bloggers Yahoo group back. I started this group a couple years ago and at that time was not able to keep up with it. I passed it on to Sharon and now she has decided that she was ready for a break and asked if I would like to take it back. We are up to 123 members and it would be great for even more stitching bloggers come to join our little family. So, drop by if you fit this group and join us!!!!

Aside from that I have not been feeling very well lately. I have been having this nagging nauseous feeling that just don't go away. If I wait to long to eat it happens, if I eat it happens . . . so I am darned if I do and darned it I don't!!! Think I might go get checked out if it don't clear up soon. I have been taking some antibiotics and they are almost gone so I guess it is time. I really thought it was just a UTI, but now am wondering. These antibiotics usually knock a UTI out pretty quick for me. Anyway, enough of that stuff!!!!

I have a new freebie on my freebie blog. Remember the bell that I designed and stitch for my moms birthday card, well I decided to share it with you all!!!

I have not stitched much but I do have a finish for this year and a new start! They are small ones that are for gifts for the winners of my giveaways so I can not share any pics yet!

I have decided to extend the sale going on at my shop. I think that I will go ahead and let this sale run through January. Remember, if you purchase $10.00 or more you receive a free Grab Bag. Check the site for more info!

Also just to give all my blog readers and customer's a heads up, the Valentine Quaker Ornament set will be released by the 15th of this month!!!!!! April has been a busy bee trying to get them all finished up for the big release. Let me tell you, the ones she has finished so far are absolutely perfect. I love the way they have turned out!!! I hope that you do as well!!!

Well that is really about it this time around. I do want to show you a pic of our Ratty Cat. He is stalking my daughters birds!! LOL I told my husband that it looks like he is cleaning up getting ready for a meal!!! LOL

Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend!!!!

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Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope that it passes quickly! I requested membership for the Stitcher Blogger Yahoo Group. It sounded like fun!
Take care of yourself my friend!

Mylene said...

CindyMae, hope you get to feel better very soon.

Chars said...

UMMMMM.... any chance you could be pregnant? Thats what I felt with my lot.

Hope you are better soon.

Hugs xx

Laural said...

I hope you start to feel better soon.
Your cat reminds me of ours. He taunts our dogs because he has free reign at all times (because he doesn't wee or more on the floor)

Elaine said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly.
I'm just finding my way around stitchingbloggers, its a great group.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you will soon be better.
Take care Michelle x

Karan said...

Hope you feel better soon. LOl @ the cat pic. Hope you have a happy 2010. :0)

ThanhJasper said...


Carolyn NC said...

Hope you're better soon!

Micki said...

Hope you feel better soon, and you are going to be a busy girl!

Kim said...

Hope you're better really soon! Sorry I haven't been around much lately either. I miss popping in here. I'm back to blogging! Woo Hoo! I'm going to take a look at your group. I run my own Yahoo group too for Cross Stitchers so I know that it takes time off of your hands.

Talk to you again soon!