Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm a Great Aunt - UPDATE

Adam got the all clear last night!  He is breathing on his own now, he does not have any infection in his body and his heart is fine and not enlarged as the doctor had thought.  So, everything is all good and we can now breathe!  He should get to go home Tuesday if everything continues on the right path!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments, the well wishes, and the prayers!  They are all very much appreciated!  

Should have a stitching update Sunday!!!

Happy Stitching,
Cindy Mae

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a Great Aunt

Ok, this is not the best picture because it is from my phone.  This is Adam, he was born yesterday afternoon.  He was a bit early and is having some problems though and they think he has some kind of infection.  As of last night he was in the Infant ICU department but was stable.  So, I just pray that he does well!  Anyway, isn't he adorable????

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Card and WIP Update!

My step-dad loved his birthday card. This pattern was actually a white man sitting in a sail boat. My step-dad is a black man and don't sail, he fishes. So, I made the man black with the help of some of my stitching buddies and their suggestions of colors. My husband then hand carved a fishing pole and a tiny fish. He used fishing line to attach the fish to the pole too! I think it turned out great! And, here is the finished product:

It does not seem like I have had a lot of time to stitch. When I looked back at my last update photo on my WIP, I noticed that I did make more progress than I thought though. So, that is always nice!
I really guess that is about all for this week.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has been leaving me comments! I love getting those comments, I just have not gotten good at replying to all of them yet! Give me time and I will though. I do really appreciate you all visiting my blog!

Until next week, happy stitching!
Cindy Mae

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Missing UFO Found!

A year or two ago I was working on a piece that I was so excited to finish and frame on hang on the wall to show everyone! But while I was working on this project I totally lost my stitching bug. I mean to the point to where I put all my stitching stuff away and ignored it for months and months. When I decided that I wanted to start stitching again, I could not find that one piece that I was working on. As a matter of fact I could not find the entire bag that it was in. I had lost the chart, the floss, my favorite scissors, a very special needle minder that was made for me, and of course the cross stitching itself that was still on the Q-snap! I searched and searched and could not find it so I gave up and started stitching other things. So, the other day I went searching for something different and I came across the bag!!! I was so excited to have found it. Everything was there! It was a bit dirty but I worked and got it all cleaned up! I found the needle minder that was missing which Dawn had given me as a gift. I found my favorite scissors which I had won from a contest that another stitching blogger was having. My needle book that was also a gift from a special friend from France was there as well. I am not ready to start working on this piece yet, but I am so happy that I have found it and one day I will finish it! So anyway, this is it:
And this is my progress on the piece before I lost it:These are the special items that went missing along with the project:

So anyway, I just had to share that with you all. I did not get any stitching done on my Cross Stitch Collector this week. So there is not reason to show you a pic of her because it is the same as it was in my last post!

I have been working on a card for my step-dad's birthday and this is the progress on it so far.
And finally the Valentine's card that I made for hubby:
And this is the inside:
Well that is all for now! I am going to start trying to make Sunday's my posting day because it is the only time that I ever have to blog! So, I will have more next week!!

Happy Stitching,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's stitch and updates!

Well, I have not been stitching near as much as I would like lately, but sometimes it just happens. It took me almost a week to stitch a design for my husbands Valentine's card, LOL!! I have not made the card yet, just stitched it. I can not show the finished card yet as I don't want hubby to see it until then, but he has already seen the here it is: I have made a bit more progress on my main WIP. Finally got started on the girl! It has taken forever since I have not had much to stitch. I am starting tonight on a birthday card for my step-dad. It is a freebie from HERE!I have decided to set one goal for myself this year as far as stitching is concerned. As most of you know, I do not set stitching goals because I never meet them. I get to into the exchanges and gifts and things that I never make it to the bigger pieces that I set for goals. Anyway, The one goal I have set is to stitch all my family members birthday cards this year. I have never stitched birthday cards for any of my family!!! So this year I will!

Well thats all for now!
Until next time, Happy Stitching!
Cindy Mae