Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Card and WIP Update!

My step-dad loved his birthday card. This pattern was actually a white man sitting in a sail boat. My step-dad is a black man and don't sail, he fishes. So, I made the man black with the help of some of my stitching buddies and their suggestions of colors. My husband then hand carved a fishing pole and a tiny fish. He used fishing line to attach the fish to the pole too! I think it turned out great! And, here is the finished product:

It does not seem like I have had a lot of time to stitch. When I looked back at my last update photo on my WIP, I noticed that I did make more progress than I thought though. So, that is always nice!
I really guess that is about all for this week.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has been leaving me comments! I love getting those comments, I just have not gotten good at replying to all of them yet! Give me time and I will though. I do really appreciate you all visiting my blog!

Until next week, happy stitching!
Cindy Mae


Meari said...

The card is adorable. You and DH did a great job!

Irene said...

The card looks wonderful, love the little fish.

J Rae said...

Your card turned out wonderful! Great job! Love what your hubby did with the pole and fish. :-)

Terry said...

Love what you did with the card for your step-dad. I'm sure he loved it too.

Your WIP is looking good. Don't feel bad about the stitching time, just enjoy it whenever you can sit and do a few stitches.

Lee said...

Oh, how cute! My dad used to love fishing, too, and I know he would have loved this little card.

And I _did_ buy the $150 treadmill. So far, so good!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That card looks fantastic!