Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Freebies and Exclusive Pattern Offer!

Well there has not been a lot of stitching going on this week but I have been doing some designing. I have started baby sitting my little great nephew lately and since I am not used to having a little one around anymore, he has been keeping me a bit busy! LOL, I will get use to it though.

I have decided to let go of my hosting plan for my web site and started using Blogger so that I can have free hosting. Money is just a bit to tight for me to keep that up. And hey, what is better than free!! So since I am using blogger now, you can sign up to be a follower on my web site now and get updated the minute I release a new pattern! Which is pretty cool, right? I would still suggest signing up for the newsletter though because I can keep you updated on other happenings and sales that will be coming up and things like that. So, you can sign up to be a follower and sign up for the newsletter at now!!

I have added TWO new freebies to my freebie blog! Go on over and download them now! This is them:
I have designed a new exclusive pattern that I want to offer each and everyone of my readers for free!!! Yep, that is right . . . FREE and it will only be available to you and never be offered for sale. There is a bit of a catch though! Yah, I know a catch . . . that sucks! LOL The catch is easy though, it really is! All I am asking you to do is to help me advertise a bit and get my designs out there more. So, if you will make a post on your blog or web page with a link to and then add a permanent button to your sidebar this exclusive pattern is all yours!!! Just drop me an email after you have added the button and made the post and I will email the pattern to you in PDF format! That is all you have to do. This is just a picture from the design program that I use and is not the best pic in the world but trust me, it is a really cute design and I think that it will be a fun one to stitch!

Here is the button to use on your side bar and link to Make sure and email me at after you have made your post and added the button so that I can email your pattern to you!!!

Well, I guess that is about it for this time around. Of course I am still working on getting caught up on reading all of your blogs . . . so don't give up on me, I will be around soon! You all mean so much to me and your friendships are just priceless! Thank you for everything!

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

What great freebies. I already got your button up and am working on the post to my blog. I will email you also and let you know.

Dawn in AZ

Tracy said...

Great freebies Cindy

Becky K in OK said...

It's a done deal. Took me long enough! Hehe. I started it early this morn and got side tracked until now. It's mentioned in my blog, and there's a button too! Love your designs. I'm caving and ordering as soon as I post this!

a dancing needle said...
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a dancing needle said...

I love your blog!! The ornament pattern is to cute to pass up!! Thank you! I am still trying to figure out how to work my blog!! I am not computer friendly! Keep up the great work!

Kay said...


I love the patterns that you designed I may have to stitch some up for myself when I have time. I always wanted to design my own patterns but don't know where to start!

Meari said...

Your ornament freebie is really nice.

Hazel said...

What a great little blog! Thanks for visiting mine and saying such kind words. Love your freebies too. I've become a follower. xx

Micki said...

What wonderful freebies...thanks so much!

Kay said...


Thanks for the heads up on the program. One of these days I will have to try and see what I come up with as far as designing my own patterns!