Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daughter's Pattern Finished!!!! :)

As you can tell, the posting more than once a week has not happened so this post is a bit lengthy but when I only update once a week, that happens!

Well it has been a good week and a bad week!  I started off this week sick and in bed with a stomach bug of some sort!  It was horrible but I am well now!  If I have not commented or my comments have been very short this week, that is why.  It took me two days just to get caught up on my reading of your blogs!  

My dad and step-mom's dog died.  Now this was not just a dog but instead one of their children.  They discovered she was diabetic and was in the hospital for about a week.  They vet was not able to ever get her stable and they ended up loosing her.  That was very sad!!  And let me tell you, I may be turning 33 later this month but I am still and always will be a Daddy's girl and it just killed me when he called me to tell me and was crying!!!  I hate for my daddy to be hurting!!!

Anyway, now lets get to the goood stuff!!!
 God has been awesome this week (as He always is) as far as making sure that my family and I are always taken care of!  We were very behind on our mortgage payments as well as our electricity.  We were getting close to losing our home and getting the electricity cut off but God came through!  We were able to get the money we needed to get those two things caught up!!!!!  Where did I find the money . . . well lets just say that I work for some awesome people!!!  Another good things is that we got a new back door, thanks to my dad!  We needed a new back door very badly as the entire bottom half was missing!  LOL, it was horrible!!!   

I finished my daughter cross stitch that she designed. She just loves it and so do I!  It turned out really good.  Not bad at all for her first cross stitch to design!!  I think that she done a great job on this one!  She has a couple other drawing that are really great that I want to stitch really badly but this is the one she wanted for her birthday!  She drew one last week of a girl praying (non-anime) that I really want to stitch.  Anyway, without further ado, here it is:  And by the way, Yosh means Ok. 
I also received 2 more ATC's from the WOCS ATC birthday exchange.  I now have three and should receive 12 in all!  Thank you Nikki and Claire!!!  I love them both!!
My brother who lives in Alaska is getting married soon!  Well actually they are already married by law but they are now going to have their wedding and honeymoon at the end of May.  So, I ordered (with the help of my mom) a little something to stitch for his joyous occasion!  I received it and the material yesterday.  I really do not know much about her, my brother's new wife and what her likes and dislikes are so I picked a pattern that is just a nuteral wedding sampler. Here is the chart:

I have also received some great stitching inspiration from Sharon over at One Life To Live. I just love her walls! I think that her walls just being covered in things she has stitched is awesome! I want that in my house. As it is, I only have a couple things hanging on our walls. I always stitch with a certain purpose in mind. What I mean by that is that there I have never stitched something just totally because I liked it!!! There has always been a reason behind it, such as a gift or made for a special reason! Did you know what I mean? I am not sure that this is making sense but I know what I mean! LOL Anyway, I have always adored Sharon's walls! So, I have decided that I am going to start a rotation and start stitching some items that I want to hang on the wall just because I like the pattern!!!! Some weeks I only get a couple hours of stitching time so I think what I will do is one week I will stitch on what I am stitching for the wall, the next week on something else and the next week on smalls for gifts and then start over.  I will see how that goes!  So, I am planning on starting this piece in this next week!  I am going to first have to get online and see if I can order the 6 or 7 colors of floss that I didn't have.I think that is such a cute design and I just like it!  So Sharon, thank you for your inspiration!!!

Now, one more thing before I go.  Stitching for a Cure is a blog that Donna has created!   I would love for you to all make sure and visit her blog if you have not already done so.  This is a year long project to help save lives.  We are stitching ornaments to decorate a tree that will be raffled off in Nov 09.  All the money raised is going to go to the American Cancer Society!  So, if you would be interested in stitching and ornament or two or three for this tree, please visit this blog!!!!

I have also been working on updating my wish list a bit.  My dad told me that he wanted to spend some money on me for my birthday on just stitching goodies!  So I told him how awesome he is and I have been searching online.  Since doing that I have come across a few things to add to my wish list.  I think that I am going to have him buy me all material!  That is all, just 18 ct Aida material!  Since I do not have a store near me that sales stitching items it is hard for me to get material sometimes and I would love to be able to have a small stock of it for when I need it. So, if anyone has a bunch of 18 ct Aida they want to sell, let me know!  :)

Last but no least, I want to thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for those who leave comments!  I love getting the comments!!  I try to respond by email to everyone's comments but this week that has not happened!  So just know that I received your comments and I appreciate every single one of them very very much!!!

That is it for this time around!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter that is filled with tons of blessings!!!!

Happy Stitching and Easter,
Cindy Mae


Terry said...

Glad to hear you are feeling much better after that nasty stomach bug. Those things wipe you out.

Sorry to hear about your Dad and step Mother's dog passing away. Hugs to you and them.

Have you tried your local Freecycle for stash/patterns? I advertised on ours about a year ago and I received a ton of material, some patterns and her whole set of thread that she had in bags. I received some more fabric and patterns from someone a couple of weeks ago so you never know!

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry about your dad's dog and hope you're feeling better, too. Finish is great - good luck with all the new starts!

Daffycat said...

So sorry to hear about your 'sister'. I am a Daddy's Girl too!

Great stash for your new projects!

Your daughter's design stitched up great!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Cindy, I'm happy to hear that fortune has truly smiled upon you and that you are no longer at risk of loosing your home or having your electricity cut off. That must be an awful position to be in!

Your daughter's piece is just adorable, I hope she is thrilled with it.

I know exactly what you mean by stitching something just because you like it. I do that all the time. Sometimes I stitch things without the intenetion of putting it up on my walls but just because I want to do it!

Keep stitching!

Lynn said...

HAPPY EASTER to you too! Nice to hear you are feeling better too! Things will turn around sooner or later if we wait long enough! THANK YOU too for my blog award! My poor computer has been down since last Tues. and was to the Dr. all this last week! LOL... So am behind on my blogging and reading! WILL catch up eventually I think? Have a GREAT weekend!

Chars said...

I love your daughters design - its so cute and congratulations on the finish :)

Sorry to hear about your dad's dog... its always hard when a pet passes...

I am especially pleased about the fact that you are going to keep your house and utilities connected... that is wonderful news.

I like your new starts too :) Wow this was a busy post - similar to the one I have to type up :) LOL

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!


Susimac said...

Glad that your tummy bug is now better and that the stress of worrying about mortgage and electric is sorted for the good.

Sorry about your dads dog, its always hard to lose a loved pet.

Like your two new starts to make. I love Westwinds its such a lovely design.

Your daughter is very talented with her designing,

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Kim said...

Happy Easter!

So sorry to hear about your Dads dog. I know what it's like to lose a pet that you love like a child.

Your daughters design came out great! I hope that she loves it.

The wedding sampler will work just great! I'm sure she'll love it.

I like the idea of your wall. I'm the same way. Everything I stitch is for a reason or for someone. Well mostly for someone else. So maybe one of these days I'll get a wall like that done.

Glad that you're feeling better now!

Shelleen said...

I love the idea of a whole wall to hang stitching. I think that the wedding sampler will be perfect.

Bine said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's dog. Dogies can be like familymembers....
I was a Daddies girl, too. :)
Your daughters design looks very good. She did a good job!
....and I have to look but I am pretty sure to have Westwind in my stash....

Yoyo said...

Glad to hear that things may be turning around a bit for you. Tell you folks I definitely feel for them losing their baby! Our's is VERY old and begining to have failing health and it's hurting me to watch her age, but she's in no pain or anything like that yet so we're hanging on. The Anime looks great! Congratulations. I have like 2 items on my walls after all these years of stitching, I started stitching for "me" last year, nothing up yet, but getting close.

Go to e-bay. Just a month or so ago I got 6 yards of 18 ct aida for something like $18.00. I wish I could remember the seller's name but it's not coming to me. But just search 18 ct aida. The piece I got (I asked for it not to be cut into smaller pieces) is beautiful. Only white, but at that price I don't care.

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry to hear about your parents' dog passing away. I love my little guy as if he was my 4th child so I can imagine their pain.

I'm so glad that things worked out for you! :) God is good.

Love your finish!! The wedding sampler will be wonderful.

mainely stitching said...

Sorry to hear the sad news of your dad's dog, but glad to hear all the many other happy things!

Theresa said...

I am so pleased that you are now able to keep your home. Your daughter is very clever. Her design is gorgeous

Lennu said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's dog. Great news about your house! It was good to read your happy writing :) Your daughter has drawn a lovely design, my daughter enjoyes drawing too and I've often thought that one day I'll stitch one of her drawings. She also wrote a poem at school when she was younger and I'd like to stitch that too. Have a happy week!

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your dad's dog~a loving member of his family. I'm sure that she will be greatly missed. I do hope her memories will keep a smile on your dad's face though.

Your daughter's design is absolutely adorable~great stitching on mom's part too. She can be so proud of this.

Love the Barrick Samplers design you picked to stitch next, very awesome design. Hope you where able to get your threads ordered.

I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for noticing my wall collages through my Blog, and mentioning my site in your Blog. That's right, you just stitch what you like~and start your very own collage wall. It's something you'll be so proud of, as well as everyone who see's it. They will be simply amazed and in awhhhh. :-)

Happy Stitching